Silk Smitha, now a film

New Delhi: The life of the Indian actors is envied and look up to by all their fans and the viewers who simply like to watch a good film occasionally. However, being an actor or an actress and working in the film industry is very hard to do, and one leaves the personal life far behind when embarking for this experience.

People love celebrities because they are eccentric and still they appear to have a normal life, but filled with the best things money can buy. There are celebrities though who are not happy with the life they have.

Silk Smitha was a beautiful woman, who managed to became a star almost overnight, thanks to her sheer sexuality. However, this was not the life she wanted, and could not face it any longer, so at the young age of 35, she decided to put it to an end. Her life, that is.

Following her suicide, Milan Luthria will be making the film “Dirty Picture”, inspired by her tumultuous life. Vidya Balan will play the role of the most glamorous actress of South India.

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