Sofia Vergara to reduce her bigger assets

Sofia Vergara is the one woman who is really the biggest sex bombshell with her voluptuous body structure and the biggest assets with narrow waist. Her sex appeal allures many and she is even famous for it among her fans.

Sofia really feels much comfortable with her 34 DD size.

Talking about her coming to the US, the Columbian actress reveals that by the time she came to the US, she was simply voluptuous and looked much different to the others. Vergara, the Modern Family actress told to the Health Magazine for its issue of December 2011. She then depicts that her publicist then told her to reduce your breasts since with the bigger breasts no one would consider her for any role.

Sofia, 39, when told this to her mother, she was simply to die listening it. Mother told her to not reduce her tits as God would punish her.

Vergara did not go for the reduction and now she is proud of her bigger assets.

Sofia also mentions about her insecurities in the world of Hollywood. She depicted that she had the bigger breasts even at the age of 14 since she was too much fleshy. But now as she had turned almost 40, she still has insecurities as a woman. She says women really cannot happy.

Sofia has been dating Nick Loeb, a Florida based politician for last two year. She admits that she appreciates that God has gifted her really gorgeous body.

She mentions that she is a Latin lady who is always voluptuous, loud and sexy. And she says the same body structure she possesses. Sofia has a big fan base who loves to see her in whatever form and body shape she is. Her acts are loved to be watched. She is all the rage and captured by the media.

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