Sohail Khan is back

The latest Bollywood buzz is that the director Sohail Khan has decided to go back to directing movies. He is all set to start a new project after a break which lasted more than 10 years. However sources have failed to find out who will be staring in this promising new project. More than likely, his elder brother, the famous Salman Khan will be his first choice.

As for the lading man, things are quite clear, but regarding the leading actress it seems that the director is searching very hard to find the right person. Regarding the movie, sources state that is a beautiful love story which also has lots of action scenes as well.

This picture is the fifth of the Bollywood director. In his last production he directed it, but also starred in it. But the film did not do so well at the box office, and that is way Sohail Khan retired from movie directing until now. Now we can only wait and see how this picture will turn out to be.

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