Something common between Ranbir and Kangana

Bollywood actors Ranbir Kapoor and Kangana Ranaut, apparently, haven’t got much in common. Both have done different kinds of work. While Ranbir has been more visible in the mainstream commercial flicks, Kangana has painted the screen with her psychic female avatar in most of her releases.

However, reportedly, both harbour a profound interest in film direction and may some day go behind the camera to don the directorial hat. Kangana, in fact, has candidly voiced her desire to turn director saying, “I’m quite happy with how my career is moving, but in terms of the future, soon, I guess I’d like to direct a movie. I have a script in mind. Let’s see where it goes.”

Meanwhile, while Ranbir hasn’t professed his secret ambition, his mom Neetu Singh has spoken of his dexterity and shrewdness. She has quipped, “I’m amazed at his maturity as an actor! When I was his age, I knew zilch. I just did whatever came naturally to me. Ranbir knows about camera angles, shot-taking and frame compositions. He is ready for direction.”

Well, while we are perfectly content with the current careers of Kangana and Ranbir, it would, indeed, be worth the wait the day they do go to the other side of the camera.

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