Sonakshi Brutalized

On Thuesday evening, Sonakshi was approach by some boys who come up close to her and attempted to act in a vulgar manner. The famous actress was shocked by the rude behavior of these few young men. This unfortunate incident took place in close proximity of the Gandy Gardens, close to Mantralaya in South Mumbai.
Sonakshi was leaving the event which paid homage to the people who lost their lives during the November 26th massacre two years ago.
The star was immediately taken away by her bodyguards, who made sure she was transported in a safety area. She was put in her car and rushed away. Even thought she wasn’t injured the Famous Dabangg actress was quite shaken up by the incident, so much that she even started crying.
Those present at the sight of the incident say that the boys acted in a very rowdy manner and came too close to the actress grabbing her by the arms and shoulders. Sonakhi didn’t comment on this event but her manager stated that the behavior of the boys was unacceptable.

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