Sonakshi Sinha’s price tag

Actress Sonakshi Sinha, one of the hottest appearances in the Bollywood entertainment industry, has gained large part of her popularity thanks to the item number performed in the movie ‘Dabangg’’. She has managed to get herself in the top of the movie industry in Bollywood. The young actress in none other than Salman’s protégée has obtained roles in many productions.

Sources close to the actress state that now the price tag of the actress has reach the amount of 1cr. The reason for this spectacular rise is the fact that movie makers are more and more interested in signing her up in their productions. Furthermore it seems that they are willing to pay her large sums of money, just to have her in their movies.

Even more, same sources say that many important names in Bollywood are more and more interested in acting alongside her. The latest rumors are that Sonakshi Sinha will be staring in the movie ‘Joker’with Akshay, in ‘Race 2’ with Saif and in ‘Kick’ with Salman.

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