Sonakshi Sinha ambassador for Dyna Soaps

The hot and young Bollywood super star has indeed made a strong debut in the film industry of B-town. Her very first role was in the hit film called ‘Dabangg’ and since then she managed to conquer the movie industry of this town.

Not only are the film makers are gathering up to sign the beautiful diva, but also the advertising industry is very much interested in Sonakshi Sinha. After joining Shirish Kunder’s team in his 3 D film production, it seems that the beautiful Sonakshi is more than ready to make it in the ad world as well.  

Sources state that the young actress is now the mark envoy of Dyna Soaps. Sonakshi Sinha is now the ambassador of this label. The officials of this particular company have indeed said that the rumors are true, but did not like to offer any more details. As many may remember, the previous ambassador for Dyna Soaps was none other than Katrina Kaif. Now we can only wait and see how things will evolve.

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