Sonam storms out of sets of “Mausam”

Controversies seem to have taken a liking to the Kapoor gal as rumours have been circulating that she stormed out of the set of Pankaj Kapoor’s Mausam recently after being made to wait for over an hour for a room in the hotel where the unit was staying. And when the Aaisha fame actress reached the sets of the movie she could not even find her make up man.

It has been reported in the past that Sonam often used to reach late for the workshops held by Pankaj Kapoor for Mausam and many times had Pankaj sent her packing home due to her being late. This time Sonam decided to give it back to the senior actor by storming off the sets.

According to to the sources when Sonam reached her hotel in Chandigarh she was made to wait for over an hour before she could be allocated a room and after that when she reached the sets she could not find any one leave alone her vanity van. She decided she had enough and she left in an angry state. Eventually in the evening when the production house apologized to her about this incident then she came back for the shoot.


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