The 3D Release of ‘Ra.One’ to be delayed

Ask anyone what is the most awaited thing in Bollywood at present and the answer will be one and the same. Yes you got it right! ‘Ra.One’ is indeed the most awaited thing as of today. SRK has ensured that the movie is all over the place be it by games, comics, merchandise, advertisements or anything else. Touted to cross the 100 crore opening barrier many have huge expectations from this movie. India’s own superhero is finally all set to be handed over to its masses.

The crew of the movie are on work round the clock to ensure the movie keeps the release schedule. ‘Ra.One is supposed to hit the theatres on the 26th of October however sources say that the 3D version of the movie will not be released till another one week of the movie release. The 4th of November is now the tentative date for the release of the science-fiction flick. The global release of the movie sticks to the same 26th of October but the 3D version as it seems will have to wait a week.

The director Anubhav Sinha however laughed off at this question. Sunil Lulla of Eros said, “No way! The 3D version is also releasing on 26 October. We are working day and night to ensure that we deliver on time. Shah Rukh has had a serious discussion with the team and we are confident that the film will be released in 3D simultaneously. There’s no delay at all.”

It seems the crew is pretty confident of keeping the schedule and shutting up the rumours. Now only time will tell whether the rumours have any fact in them or not but we all have heard the old saying, “No smoke without fire” Let’s hope both the smoke and the anticipated fire are a hoax.

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