The Bubbly and Chirpy Anushka Sharma Opens Up To BollyGraph!

You see her and you fall in love with her. She smiles and you croon, “Main toh ainvayi ainvayi loot gaya”! She is one firebrand that can evenly melt you completely. With so much of gusto and high spirit filled into her life, she is on top of her work now. ‘Rab Ne’ made her a star, ‘Badmaash Company’ honed her acting genes, ‘Patiala House’ gave her the last touches and eventually ‘Band Baaja Baraat’ transcended her into the A-league of actresses. She not only is beautiful and pretty, her terrific emotional portrayal of all her characters from Taani Partner to Ishika Desai has catapulted her to stardom. But when you notice her even now, you can’t even find a cell of stardust and starry tantrums in her. She is the Anushka everyone knows, everyone loves.
Without much a do, lets read what our chirpy ‘Pretty Lady’ of B-Town has to share with us! Anushka Sharma: En route to her Stardom…
She talks about her career, her films and the way she has raised the audience’s expectations from her. She gets out of her closet in this special interview with BollyGraph!

“Passion, glamour, glitz, hard work, ability and expressions“- blends of which of the following characters do you see in a successful actor?

When you are passionate about something, you will work hard to get what you have set out for. In turn, the expressions, glamour, glitz will finally follow. It’s a natural progression. As an actor, one needs to have an amalgamation of everything. It is not what you see on screen but what you perceive of the actor. To me, each of the factors is important but the dosage and the priorities are somewhat different for each individual.

You were introduced with ‘Rab ne Bana Di Jodi’. The film did exceedingly well at the box office and a star was born! You never had to really look back. Now that you are a reason for many hearts beating all over India, how do you feel?

It’s a terrific feeling!! Hope I continue to enjoy the same love and affection in the years to come. It was the biggest debut one could have ever imagined of. First of all, it was a Yashraj film and when you get launched by the biggest production house of the country, you come in with a lot of confidence. Secondly, it was a dream debut against the most sought after actors in the industry today- the Badshah of bollywood, shah rukh Khan. This was one opportunity I could never let go off. For the first few minutes I was so stunned at the selection that I went silent. But then when I broke my silence, I could actually relaise what Destiny had in store for me. After Rab ne Bana di jodi released, life has changed for the better and its great to be appreciated and applauded for your work. To all my fans out there please watch my next with Shah Rukh again. This movie is surely the one you will love to watch me in!

From ‘RNBDJ’ to ‘Badmaash Company’ to ‘Patiala House’ and ‘Band Baaja Baraat’, you have evolved as an actor. You have kept your critics craving for more. What would be your take on that?

Really!! I’m flattered!! I was pretty young when I did RNBJ. Today, when I look back I feel happy because I have not just evolved as an actor, but as a person too. Fortunately, I have always been lucky that I got to work with indutry’s biggest names and went on to do films with some terrific actors. To me, my Life is just similar to a Fairy Tale. As I said, after Rab ne released, there has been no looking back. Life has taken speed and I am loving the way it is shaping up.

And with ‘Band Baaja Baraat’, you literally zoomed into the A-league of actresses. Its been just over two years and you have achieved so much in your life. How would you describe the journey?

The journey so far has been eventful! I have worked really really hard to be where I‘m today. So, when people started touting me as the next star after ‘Band Baaja Baraat’ I was overwhelmed. It was one of the most important films of my Life where I had to prove my mettle to the world. The first few days it did not quite work well for us. I remember telling Ranveer, ‘Chalo bhai ab toh humara pack up jaldi hi hone waala hai’. But bly me, what a pick up did the film have post one week. Surprisingly the second week collections were few notches higher than the first week ones and ultimately the film went on to create ripples at the box office. Today, when I look back, I feel really proud to have done that film and I hope to keep doing good films in future too.

Last year, at an awards function, you overtook actresses like Aishwarya, Kajol, Vidya and Deepika to bag the Best Actress Award for ‘BBB’. What were you feeling the moment you got to know you had done it?

I felt at the top of the world!! Winning the first best actress of the year trophy of my Life, I was stunned and shocked. But then again, the feeling had sunk in and I knew I had made my parents proud of me. It’s always a great feeling to be appreciated, but at the same time you know that you have raised the bar and you can’t dwindle.

Much has been talked about your relations with Ranveer Singh. In Ricky Bahl, he was your co-star yet another time. So how was it working this time around?

We share great screen space, which worked well in BBB. The audiences seem to love our pairing.  Expectedly, we were able to create the same kind of euphoria for LVRB. But as far as the media bites go, there is nothing brewing between us. We are very good friends and we hang out with the same group. That is why we are spotted more. And yes, there is no on-off relationship going on. We fight a lot, we are like two babies fighting for their chocolates every time. Most importantly, we are buddies and when I move into a relation I would be proud to share it with the world rather than hiding it!

What is keeping you on your toes for the coming year?

I am already filming for Adi’s next YRF production which is an untitled film that also stars Shah Rukh and Katrina in it. It is a romantic film and it would be good to see how audience reacts to the Badshah returning to his old territory plus me being his muse in the film. Then there is this extremely different film with an interesting plot line, opposite Imran (Khan). The film is directed by Vishal Bharadwaj and is titled Matru ki Bijli ka Mandola. Also, there are a few scripts that I’m considering. Let’s wait for the announcement to come and then we’ll talk.

 Rapid fire with Anushka sharma:

A role that you wish you had done: Manisha Koirala in Dil Se

A director that you are craving to work with: There are too many to pen down

Brands you follow: Parachute, Geetanjali, Nivea, Reliance, Kara wipes, joy face wash.

Your comfort wear: Anything that I’m comfortable in

Last phone call you made was to: My manager

Does your career even allow you to give marriage a thought?

This is the time I want to concentrate on my career. I have finally reached a place which I had once dreamt of and now I don’t want anything to pull me down. As a young teenager I had some dreams and now that I am on my way to fulfill and live my dreams, I do not want anyone to come and wake me up before the dream is lived in reality. As for marriage, my parents will decide for me whenever they think it is right for me to settle down. Right now, films are my priority and I want to keep doing good work and making people proud of me.


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