The Humble Prankster: Anurag Basu!

He has won his fight against cancer, he is humble, he is multi-talented, his intellect is par excellence and he is a big prankster. He is slated to be a director whose set is chaotic, but surprisingly all is under his control and knows even the minutest thing going on around him. Veteran director and writer, Anurag Basu (AB Babu) started his career with small screen and travelled all the way to the Big Screen with Ekta Kapoor’s slasher film” Kucch toh Hai”.

He had got his share of fame ever since and he is known for the realistic touch he adds on to his films and his techniques are unquestionably wonderful.

Anurag Basu along with Team Barfi,Ranbir Kapoor, Priyanka Chopra and Illeana D’Cruz visited the City of Joy, Kolkata on 9th September, 2012, Sunday, for the promotion of his flick “Barfi”.

His character visualization of Murphy was totally unplanned and he quips “this is not what I thought and I imagined, for the first one week I really didn’t know what to do. It’s a new film for me, new genre; I was trying to find the ‘Sur’ of the film.”

About reason for choosing to shoot in Kolkata and Darjeeling he states,” I know the city, I know the culture, I know the people and like almost in every holiday I’ve been to Darjeeling with my family. It was an obvious choice, aaro kothai aami korte parto na actually (I couldn’t have done it anywhere else).

What many don’t know about AB Babu is that he claims in his own words “I can cook better than the TAJ chef”.

His sense of humor is always on top level and he loves pulling pranks on anyone and everyone around him. Sweetest to the core, one never would hear him saying a no.

The film is releasing on 14th September, 2012 and the whole Team Barfi is undergoing an extensive promotion schedule.

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