The perfect look of Bollywood – real or fake?

Everybody has asked themselves at least one if the perfect look that all of the Bollywood actresses display is indeed real or is it fake. The perfect look in the Bollywood entertainment industry is not limited at having a nice face. It is a lot more than that. It seems that every actress has to have perfectly white teeth, long beautiful hair.

However this does not stops here, as all of them have to possess a perfect jaw line and the right lips. The right chic bones are also important in order to achieve the Bollywood perfect look. Having perfect teeth is no longer something unseen. By now it is common knowledge that before making the debut in the Bollywood industry, it is vital to make an appointment with the best dentist in town.

Many of the Bollywood actors have even agreed to do plastic surgeries in order to obtain the necessary appearance. Still many of the stars are not willing to accept that they even know a plastic surgeon, none the less that they seen one.

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