“The Return Of The Wild Cat”

The ‘chatpata masala’ on the Bigg Boss show i.e. Dolly Bindra is returning in the house on the public demand.

This wild cat was kicked out of the house because of her ugly spat with the co-contestants, Shweta Tiwari and Sameer Soni.  But her eviction lead to the fall of Trp of the show which could neither be raised by the entry of Pamela Anderson nor by the re-entry of Sameer Soni.

Looking at her popularity, the channel has decided to re-enter her in the house through wild card entry.

According to one of our sources,”Dolly Bindra was the lifeline of the show. Ever since she came on the show as the wild card entry, she made life miserable for the contestants, especially Shweta Tiwari. The channel enjoyed an all-time high with her on the show. Despite Pamela Anderson`s presence or Sameer Soni`s return to the show, there has not been much excitement on the show.”

So, on a great demand of the audience, Dolly is returning back in the house.

As per Dolly’s statement when asked about her return,”  I can`t comment and I am not aware of anything. Whatever questions you have should be directed to the production house Endemol. All I can say is that I am a person who speaks the truth and will call a spade a spade. If given an opportunity to go back, I will be the same”.

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