The Sitter – Movie Review

Movie Title: The Sitter


Film Critic: Goher Iqbal Punn

Director: David Gordon Green

Cast: Jonah Hill, Sam Rockwell, Ari Graynor and Max Records

Writers: Brian Gatewood and Alessandro Tanaka

Genre: Comedy

Runtime: 81 minutes

[xrr rating=1/5]

David Gordon Green comes up with his latest project, ‘The Sitter’, a comedy which can be called the comedy of errors but unfortunately the movie does not have potential to tickle the funny bones of the viewers. From the starting reels till the climax, the movie does not entice the souls of the moviegoers who come to the theaters after spending their hard earned money to get entertainment. But the miserable audience, who hits the multiplexes seeing the tag of comedy, has to face the music in return and they take home nothing except the regret of spending the money. The cinegoers begins thinking instead of consuming the money on this movie’s tickets – they should have better gone to night clubs or some other entertaining spots or simply stayed back home to chill with some junk food along with drinks landing on the couch before the idiot box to watch some nice DVD.

The storyline is simply mundane there is no vigor or punch that has to be there with comedies. More than that the screenplay writers Brian Gatewood and Alessandro Tanaka add more spoiling to the pleasures by offering the viewers the super disastrous script to watch it on screen. The script has many holes and flaws, which can easily be seen on celluloid.

Making a comedy is not everybody’s cup of tea but David Gordon Green has flair to do so but what happened to the man is simply weird! Might be he was not supported well by the writers or his mind was somewhere else by the time he was executing the script on screen. David could not hold the attention of the viewers who from the scene one began thinking what would happen in the next frame.

The film is about a college student who is given the task of babysitting and what happens with him while being with the problematic kids is what forms the story of this enterprise.

It is a big waste of time and money. David Green’s previous attempt ‘Pineapple Express’ was a big hit that had allured the audiences in full and due to this the audiences showed their trust on the filmmaker but it was lost.

When Noah’s (Jonah Hill) mother and her friends make a plan to go out, there comes a problem since the babysitter is not there to take care of her mother’s pal’s kids. Thus this task is given to Noah who agrees to babysitting of the three kids. He has to spend the night with his girlfriend Marisa (Ari Graynor) thus ultimately he is forced to take the kids’ lot along with him. Having the three problematic children with him creates problems for Noah, as he lands into the disastrous situation. They all – Noah and the kids end up marching around in New York overcoming the problems prior to the bedtime.

Another flaw of the movie is that the movie could not define its relevant niche. David’s previous project ‘Pineapple Express’ was targeted at specific audience and it went well but ‘The Sitter’ could not be targeted to some section of the viewers, which is why it lacks. It is a raunchy comic caper thus the kids cannot see it. And it is not appealing to the adults either thus who should watch it? The answer is simply lemon!

As mentioned earlier, the script is the big flaw of the film that puts this comedy at the catastrophic place. The execution by David Gordon Green is a big lackluster. The performances by the stars are not up to the mark. Jonah Hill is the one who entices the souls. The kids have not been benefited at all.

Final Verdict by the Critic:

The Sitter is a disastrous comic caper that has nothing to send laughs on face. Instead of watching it in theater, it’s better to stay back home to save precious time and hard earned money.

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