The Warning Preview

The trend of horror movies will never die because there are millions out there who love this genre since the time of Ramsay brothers. The Warning is the latest Bollywood offering that fits this category but it does not look good already. The movie has very less mainstream actors and therefore chances of this movie winning hearts are doubtful. Although, we can never really say if the movie will be able to win people’s heart because it all depends on how public accept it. 

Most of the movie experts and film traders have zero expectations from The Warning because the cast and crew of the movie have made no attempt to go ahead and do any kind of promotion or marketing for the film. This means that most of the people don’t even know if such a movie is going to hit the theaters this Friday, 5th August 2011. Top film analysts say that the film might not be able to get good opening and might soon fade away in a week or so. However, you can never really say anything because there have been movies that have surprised film analysts out of nowhere. Some other movies like Satya and Bheja Fry had very low expectations but they turned out to be so popular with the masses that people watch them even today when they are telecast on prime time television.

The story of The Warning revolves around innocent boatman Ramsharan (Karan Razdan) who is captured by mujahideens. However, when trying to fight with the mujahideen Ramsharan is shot by Atul Kulkarni who is the leader and soon thereafter the spirit of Ramsharan begins to haunt the village and his daughter Muskaan (Jannat Rahmani) to warn them of what is coming their way. Apart from Atul Kulkarni the movie also has Rituparna Sengupta and Anupam Kher in the lead role. However, it all depends on the script that will decide the fate of this movie.

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