UTV yet to decide fate of Ash-starrer ‘Heroine’

The fate of the movie Heroine which is being produced by UTV could not be determined. The producers of the movie were at lost on the next thing to do following the reported pregnancy of one of the major actress of the movie. Aishwarya Rai one of the actresses of the movie which is managed by Madhur Bhandarkar was reported to be pregnant and it has halted the production of the movie.

Reported had it that all concerned were rocked up in serious negotiations on what to do with the movie. It was said that Aishwarya, UTV as well as well as Madhur including the Ronnie Screwvala chief executive officer held consultations on the way forward with the movie. The points they said to be considering was whether to shelve the movie or to defer it. This was revealed by a spokesman for UTV. He said that as soon as specific decisions are reached from the ongoing discussions movie lovers will be updated.

There are lots of rumours making round about the movie, the producers would not want to keep the movie community waiting indefinitely. The film requires at least six months to be completed. As things are now the pregnancy or Aishwarya is expected to end in November being the time she is expected to deliver her baby. This made all the parties concerned in the movie production to be in a fix. It is expected that the high level meeting that is going on between the parties will find a way out for the movie which the movie lovers are eagerly waiting to hit the market.

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