Veena denigrates Pakistani women, Meera gets upset

There seems to be some trouble in India for the Pakistani actors. Now it is Meera turn, a Pakistani actress, to be distressed. Veena Malik was invited on the show “Bigg Boss” one day, and upset Meera with her conduct, denigrating the image of Pakistani women.  

Meera stated that the way Veena presented herself on the show was cheap and by this, she brought an offense to all Pakistani people, especially women. Meera insisted on the sensitivity and cultural level the Pakistani women show, and invited everyone who can to go to Pakistan see for themselves. They are very different than the type of women Veena has portrayed on the reality show, and they believe and respect their family values.

Meera is not that innocent herself. Her hot scene with Ashmit Patel in the Bollywood film “Nazar” raised controversies. Apparently the actress has been fined for her behavior in the past, but now she harasses Veena for her conduct, saying that the latter has crossed all lines.

We all know things celebrities would do anything for publicity, but are there limits?

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