Veena Malik and her friendships

This new B-town celebrity has managed to create quite a buzz in the Bollywood entertainment industry. The main reason of this attention she got was due to her moves and so-called friendship with her male opponents in the well known reality TV show. She has managed to get close with Ashmit Patel in particular.

When asked about this new friendship with Ashmit, she answered that the two got close when Veena Malik discovered that he suffers from Thalassemia. She had quite a history with patients with this disease, as she worked as an ambassador for such an organization. That is way she started getting close to him, but after she discovered that he is indeed a very nice person. Even though she loves him, there is nothing more than a friendship between them.

On the bad reviews she got in Pakistan, Veena commented that she is a very energetic person who likes to play and have lots of fun and that is exactly what she has been doing both in the show and her private life.

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