Veena Malik cried because of Ashmit Patel

The latest Bollywood rumors are that the couple Veena Malik and Ashmit Patel are living quite an intense relationship. As sources state it seems that the two are fighting and shouting one at each other, but soon after it they kiss and make up. In the house of Bigg Boss, Veena Malik and Ashmit are with no doubt the hottest pair.

As no surprise to anyone, they managed to get into another heated dispute regarding the latest balancing duties assigned by the Bigg Boss. Ashmit did not appreciate that even though he only had 2 hours of sleep, he still got a lot of assignments due to Veena and Dolly.

That’s way he raised his voice at Dolly, and Veena who intervened got caught in the middle. When Ashmit told her to keep quiet she started crying. However the two did not stay upset one with each other. Later on when they were working around the house they become close once again. Now there once again kissing and hugging around the house.

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