Vidya Balan in Madhubala?

Even though rumors all over the town were that Madhuri Dixit will be playing in the film Madhubala, it seems that the part will probably be played by none other than lovely Bollywood actress Vidya Balan. As expected everybody were a little surprised to know that that the part could be given to somebody else than Madhuri Dixit.

In the movie industry of Bollywood, the beautiful Madhuri Dixit has over and over again compared to Madhubala so evidently all were expecting for her to obtain the role. But in Bollywood things are rarely what they appear, as the producers have asked Vidya Balan if she would be interested in this particular movie, as they would very much like to cast her in this role.

Sources close to the actress have stated that Vidy Balan has not yet given them an answer, as she is not sure that the role is right for her. At the moment, the Bollywood actress is playing the part Sabrina Lall, the sister of Jessica Lall.

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