Vivek Oberoi to be back in action with ‘Gyarah Challis Ki Last Metro’

He came, he conquered quite a few hearts and he left. Seems so is the case with star son Vivek Oberoi. He falls into the category of actors who had a good start but failed to keep up coz of decisions which were better not made.  Coming back to the movie ‘Ek Challis Ki Last Local’ became a surprise hit in the year 2007. Not only did the audiences enjoy the movie but also the critics supported the movie. In fact the movie did so well that it gave a kick start to the career of debutant director Sanjay Kandhuri and resurrected Abhay Deol’s career. It was the first hit that the actor had delivered and thus it was a movie with good for many.

The sequel of the movie however does not see the same actor as the director Sanjay Kandhuri has decided to cast Vivek Oberoi for the role. Vivek seems to be recovering from his bad times by films like ‘Zilla Ghaziabad’ and ‘Krissh 2’ in his bag.

There were many speculations sometime back that after a long wait of about four years writer-director Sanjay is finally ready with his dream script and is counting on Vivek for a lead role this time.  And now it is quite official that Vivek has given a nod for the script and is all set to do the sequel.

Our sources clarified that the first success gave Sanjay a boost to only work on big budget films with top notch actors. It is perhaps the reason why Sanjay wants to shoot a film with a high commercial value casting Vivek. The source also told about the genre of the movie which will be a comical thriller. A huge difference between the first movie and the sequel however is going to the venue of shooting. Whereas the first movie was shot in Mumbai the sequel is supposed to be shot in Delhi. Exactly why the movie is named ‘Gyarah Challis Ki Last Metro’! On contacting Sanjay he confirmed Vivek as his pick but refused to divulge any further details.

The sequel is to be produced by Amit Chandraa under the Invincible Entertainment Pvt. Limited banner. Amit was also a co producer for ‘Kartik calling Kartik’ with Farhan Akthar. Let’s see whether what worked for Abhay works for Vivek too.

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