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Come December 20 and Yash Raj Films’ biggest franchise ‘Dhoom series’ is all set to deliver its third installment.the latest in the series,  Dhoom:3, releases this wintry Friday. The previous two movies of the series have been highly successful which has sky rocketed the expectations from this one.

Starring superstar Aamir Khan, Dhoom:3 boasts of stylized actions sequences, a heart-felt story and some spectacular visual delights. The adrenaline pumping music, when released in IMAX format will surely be a fest.

Excited? Yes, we are! Go Dhoom!



While Abhishek Bachchan and Uday Chopra will reprise their role as the police officers from the previous movies, Aamir Khan and Katrina Kaif are a new addition to the starry cast.

Abhishek will play Jai Dixit, the no-nonsense cop and Uday Chopra will reprise the role of Ali Khan, the comical partner. Speaking about the duo, Jai and Ali, Abhishek said in a recent interview, “Dhoom is my film and I am the hero. Nobody can take that away from me. You can be the biggest or the smallest star but ‘Dhoom’ is about Jai and Ali. It is as simple as that. If the characters of Jai and Ali are not there in ‘Dhoom’, the film won’t be there.”

558509_619902208076553_1097274705_n_1382986961_540x540The suave antagonist character who has always been the highlight of the movie will be played by Aamir Khan this time. He will be playing the role of Sahir, the clown thief. The maverick actor clarified recently that his character is not a typical baddie in the movie. “When I heard the script I loved it, it touched me. The villains in Dhoom series are different; they are not the regular villains. I am not playing a black kind of a villain who does only bad work. He has his own circumstances and situations to do things. I am not playing a quintessential villain,” Aamir said.

“In 25 years of my career, this is the toughest role ever. There were challenges in terms of performance. The stunts were amazing. Luckily I haven’t broken any bone. The stunts were difficult but they were safe,” Aamir said, thanking lady luck that he didn’t get much injured.

One of the hottest B-Town actresses, Katrina Kaif plays Aliya, the acrobat diva, in the movie. Looking her best, reports suggest that Miss Kaif has given her character’s best performance in the movie. Performing every move with perfect ease, it looks like playing agymnast comes naturally to her. Be it Dhoom Machale or Malang or Kamli, Katrina looks at her best. She is a major delight for the moviegoers.

Sources claim that Cocktail girl Diana Penty will have a notable cameo in the movie too. She will be setting the screen ablaze playing Selina Kapoor.



The movie will start with yesteryear’s star Jackie Shroff playing the role of a circus artist and his child, Sahir. Sahir, who is a quick learner, will be seen picking up all the tricks, assisting his father. On a black day, the young kid discovers some hidden secrets of his God-like father and witnesses his death (murder) as well. Traumatized by this unfortunate happening, Sahir gears up for the mission of his life, to avenge the death of his father.

Years later, Sahir, played by Aamir Khan, is now running his own circus and his accompanied by gymnast Aliya, played by Katrina Kaif, and has dark intentions to accomplish. Here comes ACP Jai Dixit and Ali Khan in the story. Been assigned to catch the crime duo, who are almost impossible to trace, they follow their classic formula.

The trap is laid and Jai is waiting for Sahir to fall in his prey? We will he fall? Or has he planned everything in advance? We will have to watch!


Songs and Videos

The title track, ‘Dhoom Machale’, picturised on spectacular Katrina is sung in the voice of Aditi Rao Sharma. Music by Pritam is top-notch and the video has been choreographed with an international feel to it.

The next on the list is ‘Malang’. Picturised over a budget of 5 crore, the classy composition boasts of some scintillating visuals.

The ever charming Katrina shows her perfect moves, amaking her oh-so desirable. Her hard work shows on screen. A video surely not to be missed.

Directed by Vijay Krishnan Acharya, Dhoom:3 releases on December 20, 2013. Are you going to watch it?

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