What will happen to Justin Bieber’s paternity lawsuit?

Justin Bieber, the international singing sensation, has been in bigger troubles for last few days ever since the 20 years old fan has filed the paternity lawsuit against the singer claiming that Justin is the father of her three months old son.

The latest development in this matter is that everyone in the entertainment fraternity, among his fans and on very coffee table, the talks are being chewed up as to what will happen next in this lawsuit against the youngest singer of Hollywood.

Justin seems not to be having any choice in this case of baby. Justin has himself mentioned that he never ever met the girl and he is not the father of this baby. The girl named Mariah Yeater has claimed that during a concert in LA, Justin took her behind the stage where they both did the sexual act and from this sexual encounter, she got pregnant and this baby was born.

It is being said now that Justin may be asked by the court to go for a DNA test to prove that he is not the father of three months old baby boy.

According to reports, Mariah filed the lawsuit in San Diego, California on Monday. As per the lawsuit, the girl seeks the parental support from the singer.

The famous family law attorney Steve Mindel reveals that the judge in this case has to focus on two things – Justin’s right to privacy versus kid’s right to know his father’s identity.  Steve also mentions that the court could also order for the quickest resolution.

Mindel then depicts, if Justin Bieber, as he claims, has never met this girl in life then the court has only one option left to prove the identity of kid’s father – DNA test.

As per Mariah Yeater’s attorneys, they have sufficient details and proofs to prove that Justin is the father of her son. They say their client is just seeking the modest and rightful settlement.

If it gets proved that Justin is the father of this kid, then Mariah would be wrapped up with the mammoth amount of money. She will be receiving tens of thousands of dollars in monthly support of the kid until the kid gets 18. As per the law, the kid is entitled to spend and live the life on the same standards as his father enjoys and does.

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