Yana Gupta Pantyless!

One of the most popular and viewed pictures on the internet these days is the one in which the famous Yana Gupta appears panty less. However, this item girl is not at all upset or humiliated over this incident. She can even found the courage to joke about it by stating her wish to  endorse an underwear collection.

The Bollywood star offered details explaining how this funny incident happened. It seems that during the last month she had a few exhausting dance rehearsals during which Yana got a rash caused by her underwear. Therefore, in order to perform at her best, Yana decided the best solution to this problem was to take them off.

Furthermore, Yana Gupta explains that in the morning of the charity event she packed her bag with dress, shoes, make up and forget to take underwear. That’s way she wasn’t wearing any that particular day.

Yana didn’t had any idea that someone could even notice this small detail. And was surprised the next day when she sow the pictures. The item girl concluded that this is probably the most funniest day of her entire life.

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