YRF promotes newcomer

When the production house called Yash Raj Films saw the incredible potential of making investments in the Tollywood film industry, they launched YRF band of shows. But to the disappointment of all the TV show did not went as expected. In fact they were quite a disaster. As a result they had to be pulled off air back to back.

Now the famous production company has seen the great potential of young directors and has made the decision of starting a new department within the firm. Its name is rather suggestive – Y Films, which stands for youth of course.

The main goal of this new project is to create small and medium budget films, but at the same time intelligent ones. The decision is a bit influenced by the unexpected successes from ‘Udaan’ and ‘Peepli Live’. The YRF production firm has always been known for its desire to make only mega expensive pictures, but now it is determined to change this and promote the newcomers to this exciting and tough industry.

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