Deepika and Siddharth, not a couple?

The new subject of gossip in Bollywood involves Deepika Padukone and her relationship. She was seen in every magazine, newspaper and on every TV show in Bollywood together with Siddharth Mallya. However, in spite of the pictures showing the so-called couple, the actress appears to be single. Word has it that the entire story was no more than a publicity stunt pulled by Siddharth and his manager, trying to get him noticed.  

Although the press was constantly tried to find out something from Deepika, she does not wish to comment on the matter, only saying that she would never agree to something like that. As she said, there is too much fuss around her love life and none at all regarding her career. She intends to focus on her career and work just as hard as she has until now, and she will not talk about anything else but the films she is involved in at Bollywood.

The actress’ fans are indeed negligent of Deepika’s acting skills, but with such a rumor going round, who wouldn’t be?

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