A legal notice issued to Pooja Bedi by Pooja Misra

Mumbai: Pooja Misra and Pooja Bedi’s catfights, we all know well and these fights have been running since the days of Bigg Boss Season 5. Both were the contestants of the reality show. The latest about these women is that Pooja Misra has gone a step ahead of the brawls – yes she has sent a legal notice to Bedi over her insulting comments in the media and among the masses. She also alleged Pooja Bedi for the hacking of her twitter account which was used to send the indecent tweets against the biggies of Bollywood trade on her behalf.

She mentioned that the indecent tweets were sent to the celebs like Sanjay Dutt, Farah Khan, Salman Khan and Vijay Mallya. When asked Misra as to what coerced her to go ahead with sending Bedi the legal notice, Pooja Misra responded that Pooja Bedi was the actual culprit behind all the insulting comments against her. She also pointed it out that in the reality show, Bedi was the one who always buzzed against her in the house.

Misra continued saying that now Pooja Bedi began doing the nasty things about her psychological imbalance post the latest twitter hacking incident. Misra then said who was she to emboss about her mental wisdom? Pooja then revealed that Pooja Bedi had been linking her name to a married guy. She depicted that she was single but Pooja Bedi made her romantic links with someone who was married.

She then unzipped that she had plans to tie the knot within couple of years but when asked who was he? She said there was no one yet but she had plans like every normal girl.

As for Pooja Bedi, she is rumored to be dating her co-participant in Bigg Boss Season 5 Aakashdeep Saigal. Well,

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