A stalker follows Mugda Godse and offers her world tour

Mumbai: Mugda Godse’ Will You Marry me is the production of Krishan Choudhary and Vipin Jain. The film is directed by Aditya V Datt. Well, the film landed into bigger ripples recently when a stalker started disturbing the life of the leading lady of the movie – Mugda Godse.

Bollywood has also been introduced with the term ‘stalker’ since we are used to hear a lot about stalking and stalkers in Hollywood. In the entertainment industry of Hollywood stalking is quite common as almost every other star of Hollywood faces this situation more often. Now with Mugda Godse, the term has hit the Indian terra firms. Although this is not new in Bollywood scene as well since the stars here as well get stalked by the crazy fans. But we very rarely witness the term ‘stalker’ in Indian media.

The stalker, who has continuously been stalking the actress, does not want to hear ‘No’ for her proposal of marriage. A source reveals that Mugda is getting harassed by this stalker. She first bumped into this man who is madly in love with her when she stepped into the lobby of a hotel where the music launch ceremony of the movie was being conducted. Mugda Godse, as usual, passes the smile considering him a normal fan. Stars often witness this kind of situation when fans propose for marriage and the same she did. She went to attend the ceremony and when she returned, he was sitting there in lobby waiting for her but this time he did not come in front of her as she was with her friends.

This stalker is not an ordinary fan rather a powerful affluent businessman who even sends her SMSs and also sent her bouquets on Valentine’s Day. He offered the actress for a world tour with him through SMS.

Mugda says that she is really depressed and upset due to stalker issue and now wants a peace of mind. He has now started giving her blank calls using private numbers. The film’s producer Krishan has now hired two bouncers for Mugda. If she likes, they would be positioned along with her and at her residence.

But the actress wants to handle this situation by herself. Well, guys, since the stalker is a well to do businessman, Mugda wants to settle the matter by herself. We all know guys, the actresses are inclined to make relationships with affluent businessmen. Rest you know well.

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