Aamir likes to dig at Sallu

New Delhi: Aamir Khan seems to be on to something and has new ideas for his future productions. Actually, a new idea. It all revolves around Salman Khan. Aamir is using his fellow actor, along with all his statements and gestures in the new production, “Dhobi Ghat”.

Taking a look back in the perfectionist’s career, we cannot overlook the film “Jaane Tu…Ya Janne Na”, with the remarkable song “Pappu can’t dance saala”, which created controversies back then, as everyone believed it was a dig at the lifestyle Sallu flaunted. Last year, Aamir hit at Salman again, with the satirical hit “Peepli Live”.

So now we have director Kiran Rao’s production “Dhobi Ghat”, in which Aamir strikes once more. The character played by Prateik Babbar in the film is a fan of Salman Khan, and we can see the character wearing a bracelet with blue stone, just like Salman Khan. He also tries to work as much as possible, to have a body like Salman and wants desperately to be an actor, just like his idol. He believes Salman is a ‘cool dude’.

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