Aishwarya avoids weird situation

Mumbai: The 17th edition of the Annual Star Screen Awards was held recently, and many funny or awkward moments came up. One of the weirder moments involved Salman Khan and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan. The actress managed to avoid making it even worse, showing dignity and wit.

This happened at the closing act of the event, during which Aishwarya was performing one of her many popular hits. Before her performance, she reached the backstage too soon, and rested in a lounge waiting for her number to be announced.

Before reaching the lounge, she met with Vidya Balan and the two talked for a while. After this, Ash went inside, but came out soon and waited outside for her performance. The actress did not move from there.

Many were wondering about her quick exit from the lounge. And then, Salman Khan came out casually. Apparently, Aishwarya wanted to avoid what could have been a very embarrassing situation. One of the members of the crew went to the actress and told her that the lounge was free and she could rest there if she wants, but she refused.

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