Aishwarya Rai’s weight loss – once again the central talk

Mumbai: Aishwarya Rai Bachchan has once again become the hot topic of the media, entertainment circles and the masses about her weight. Yes, this has happened and it took place due to her coming in front of the camera after a long hiatus after producing the baby last year in November. Her first before the camera assignment is not any movie rather an advertisement for Kalyan Jewellers.

In one of the stills of the photoshoot, Aishwarya Rai looks ravishingly gorgeous slimmer and heart-hitting once again. All eyes suddenly raised seeing the pictures of the ad since around two months back at Cannes, she was full plump so how could she landed into most thin frame of body in just two months’ time. There are questions being raised about the photoshopped skills used to make her thinner for the shoot.

This is for the third time that her weight has become the talk of the town and conversations. Everyone is talking about the slimmer Aishwarya and she is back in thin frame and she has lost her weight – these are the talks being churned out everywhere.

When she had attended Ambani’s party in May, she was photographed and the people got stunned seeing her voluptuous and healthy with much flesh face. She instantly became the central talk about her weight. Then at the Cannes Film Festival, she hit the red carpet and then the following events where she openly and proudly flaunted her plus size curves. People again started about her weight.

Now after this photoshoot of Kalyan Jewellers, Rai is for the third time the central topic of discussion. Whether the pictures have been photoshopped or not, the fact of the matter is that she has lost some weight for sure and we hope she will lose more to get her career back on track.

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