Akshay Kumar and Shirish Kunder at loggerheads

After the filming of the film “Joker” is complete, something is definitely wrong in between our super star Akshay Kumar and Shirish Kunder. It has been reported, that the actor and the director do not even talk to each other these days. As per reports, Akki is not happy with the film’s creative parts, and that is the reason of discontent. And according to the reports by a tabloid, the actor wont be ever working in future with Shirish Kunder and Farah Khan. Going by the past reports, it is safe to say Akshay is a very much dedicated actor, if he signs in a particular film, he wont take leave before completing the film.

This time too, though he never obtained anything as per the promises made to him by Shirish and Farah, he completed the shooting of the film. And after that, he is determined to maintain a safe distance from the couple. He felt cheated while he was doing the film, he was not at all satisfied with the creative parts of the movie. However Akshay did not leave the shooting midway. But now as the film’s shoot is complete, we hear Akki wont be taking part in any promotional activities for the movie.

Shirish Kunder directed movie “Joker” is a fantasy movie. The film is co-produced by Akshay Kumar who also plays the male lead. But he is not seen in any promotional events conducted for the film. Only female lead Sonakshi Sinha is attending such promotional events, and also Chitrangada Singh is attending a few promotional events, though Chitra did only one item number in the film. If Akshay would be busy shooting for some other film, then his absence from the promotional activities would be justified. But he is very much present, and that makes it very obvious, that something is seriously wrong. However Akshay is promoting his other film these days, named “Oh My God”.


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