Ali Zafar weeps on a TV channel – fans term him ‘drama’

Mumbai: Ali Zafar got hugely emotional on a TV channel that he could not hold his tears during an interview. The story behind is that Zafar was called for an interview (where he was also to promote his film ‘London Paris New York) on a famed entertainment Indian channel where the popular film critic was interviewing him. While the interview was going on, he turned super emotional that his tears began coming out of his eyes. Zafar’s being emotional went not well with his fans back in Pakistan and India as well.

Talking to the host of the show, Ali said that he never ever found himself as an outsider in India besides he was never treated to be an outsider there. He also mentioned that Bollywood industry had been treating him fantastically that he got overwhelmed and much excited.

He then continued expressing that he liked telling his people back home in Pakistan that he was treated fabulously and with respect in India that he never ever had expected it. He told that it was beyond his expectations. While talking this, he got much emotional that he could not hold his tears in eyes.

Zafar then found much difficulty in answering the host’s next questions on the show.

Ali Zafar’s weeping on the show was not acknowledged back home in Pakistan and even in India where he is trying to make his big career in Bollywood. Normally it happens when you weep, the people turn into your favor and this is a fashion now to get emotional and weep on the reality shows to get votes from the viewers. But Ali Zafar’s being emotional did not work at all. Many termed him ‘drama’ and many showed their hate for him.

Well, an actor is a human as well with sensitivity in heart. So sometimes you cannot hold your tears. This might have happened with him but he must have controlled himself to avoid the situation going on post the interview.

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