Amitabh Bachchan is mesmerized by Gujarat’s beauty

Amitabh Bachchan was just mesmerized by Gujarat’s beauty and was bowled over by its heritage and cultural splendor. Amitabh was recently at Khadia and he drove across the lanes. This was the first time for Amitabh Bachchan, who drove across the city of Ahmadabad. Amitabh was excited after witnessing the beauty and the grandeur of the place.

Amitabh has infact come to the city of Gujarat for an ad campaign “Khusboo Gujarat Ki”  to shoot the ad film Uttarayan was created so that the shooting could take pace based on the “Fairs and Festival of Gujarat. Amitabh was surprised as he saw the houses in Ahmadabad. Amitabh even went to the house of the late Speaker Ashok Bhatt and was curious to know about the structure of the houses. Amitabh even went around the city and asked the people about the life of the people residing there.

Amitabh even found out details about the heritage walk which would be held there. Special arrangements were made for Amitabh Bachchan who had to climb about sevnty steps together. Bhushan Bhatt, MLA from the area remarked that arrangements were made for Amitabh to sit at very stage but he decided to climb the steps all at once. Amitabh also enquired about the lifestyle, culture and the heritage of the people who were residing in the area. Mr Bhushan also remarked that Bachchan was surprised with the construction work around the area Amitabh also had a look at the underground water tanks and was also told about rain water harvesting.

According to the representatives of the tourism department, Mr Bachchan remarked that more awareness should be raised for the heritage walk and also about the heritage of the place. Mr Bachchan also felt nostalgic when he flew kites for the ad campaign after a span of sixty years .

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