Anees Bazmee Gets Legal Notice

Bollywood is not just about glamour and happiness and style factor. On the inside there are many scandals and gossips happening that always keep this dynamic industry on the toes. We always hear some or the other news about the movies that are being made and how cast and crew fight for getting their share of money, but Anees Bazmee recently got a legal notice from Percept Picture Company for not repaying 51 lakh that was paid for the movie Jeb Humari Maal Tumhara which was never made in the first place. anees bazmee

According to the legal notice, Percept Picture Company had planned for this movie and they decided to give the signing amount to Anees Bazmee four years ago as the advance payment for the movie which Anees had to direct. However, the film never became a reality and Percept Picture Company asked Anees Bazmee to return the signing amount since the movie was never made. The production house have been in touch with the director for last four years but it looks like Anees Bazmee is in no mood to return the 51 lakh that were given to him as signing amount.

On the other hand, Anees Bazmee has cleared with media that he did receive the said amount four years ago but he has already fulfilled the terms and conditions that were mentioned in the agreement. He added that the contract clearly indicates that it would be his job to write the script and direct the movie but finding suitable actors for the movie was not mentioned in the agreement. Hence, he is ready with the script and his direction part but Percept Picture Company needs to get him the actors. It looks like that the financial dispute between the director and production company will need some legal assistance. Just on a funny note, Anees Bazmee has rightly selected the movie name as Jeb Humari Maal Tumhara.

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