Anushka blames Ranveer for the kiss leak

New Delhi: Well, it seems that things are not exactly pink between the lovely couple Ranveer Singh and Anushka Sharma. Apparently, the actress is really upset with news about their kiss at the birthday party hosted by Shahid Kapoor came out and reached the media. In fact, Anushka even has a suspect whom she holds accountable for the leak: Ranveer himself.

A little birdie told us that the cute actress went straight forward to Ranveer and asked him about how their private moment (which actually happened in front of all the Bollywood celebrities and Shahid’s family) could have possibly reached the press. She suspects that Ranveer babbled to his publicist about the intimate moment, and reached the headlines.

However, the actor reportedly stated that he was completely unaware of the news leaking out, and ensured his lover that he is not the one to be blamed for this horrible act.

Hopefully the leading couple of the film “Band Baaja Baraat” will bury the hatched and we can hear some more news soon about their little escapades.

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