Anushka Sharma – Too much of a Star!

Mumbai: The Mumbai Annual Police show is always full of fanfare and is a big affair with too many Bollywood stars performing at the event. This year however it was a little too starry with too much of tantrums from the new sizzling star of the B-town Anushka Sharma. The Saturday night event went off well with the audiences but Miss Sharma gave its organizers a tough time over a rather petty issue.

The cause of her misbehavior was that she wanted her act to follow, the Mr Perfectionist, Aamir Khan’s act, but the organizers found it difficult to be done at the last minute for some unavoidable reasons. Anushka was so displeased with this that she totally threw a bad tantrum about it.

The organizers of this event, Morani brothers had a hard time pacifying Anushka. The order of performances is done in the sequence in which they will be telecast on air. Anushka on hearing that her act was not going to follow Aamir’s threw a fit. Besides this there were other complains against Anushka as well. She entered the backstage with too much attitude and entourage. She did not interact with any celeb who was present there. She, however, warmly spoke to Aamir Khan but did not even exchange polite hellos with both Zayed Khan and Shreyas Talpade who were present beside Aamir when Anushka walked in.

This is not the first time someone has complained of her misbehavior and tantrums at a show. She had apparently done something very similar sometime last year during The Mizwan Event hosted by Shabana Azmi. She has then insisted persistently at the last minute to walk the ramp after Ranbir Kapoor. Her seniors from industr like Mallika Sherawat and Malaika Arora Khan were also present there and they were completely understandable and adjusting about it.

Her behavior at the Saturday’s show landed the organizers in a bad situation and they were pretty sure about not having a performance by her at their next event.

Anushka’s publicist defended her by saying that this is a false blow up against her. She did want to perform after Aamir Khan but when the Morani brothers requested her to go on stage after the performances of Vishal-Shekhar and Zayed Khan, she was okay with it. Whatever be the case, the little lassie with her starry fits might ward off many offers like this. Beware dear Anushka!

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