AR Rahman to sue soft drink company?

It is one of the commonly known facts of Bollywood that AR Rahman is perhaps the only composer in the music industry who keeps the right to songs to himself and he does not take too kindly when some one else steals his work.

Now recently a soft drink company used his track from Slumdog Millionaire which introduces Latika’s character in the movie and used it in their commercial featuring Katrina Kaif. And the Oscar winning music composer claims that this was done without informing him. Rahman has now asked his legal team to look in to this matter and sue the soft drink company if need arises be.

Meanwhile a spokesperson from T Series who hold the rights to the tracks from Slumdog Millionair confirm that Rahman’s team had contacted them and it was a case of pure misunderstanding. They clarified that Rahman was informed but they failed to inform his office which led to the confusion. The spokes person clarified that in future such dealings will be made only after Rahman’s office has been duly notified.

Lets hope this issue is sorted out before it gets out of hands and leads to a public display of washing dirty linen.

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