Arjun Rampal says he loves getting steamy with Kareena Kapoor

Mumbai: Bollywood macho man Arjun Rampal, the model turned actor, today has a good standing in Bollywood though he still could not get the place he deserved. Still he is not the one the filmmaker can put the whole film on his shoulders – he is seen with other stars in movies. But despite all this, Rampal’s dashing personality, his baritone voice and brawny physique and his acting style – all fetch the attention making him the central focus of the media and the masses.

Arjun is playing the lead opposite Kareena Kapoor in Madhur Bhandarkar’s movie ‘Heroine’. And we all know that both Kareena and Arjun have shot a steamy bed scene in the movie. This is the scene which had created quite ripples in the media since Bebo refused getting intimate in bed with other than her beau Saif Ali Khan. But since it was the demand of the movie and scene could not be cut, she had to go with it. It was picturised with few important crew members only at a five star hotel.

Arjun Rampal remembers the scene with super excitement. He says that he cannot forget the moments when the scene was picturised with Bebo. He goes on saying that whenever he closes his eyes, the scene comes into eyes and he simply loves it and cherishes it. Rampal adds he is unable to forget it at all.

When aked if he got any threatening calls from Bebo’s beau Saif, he responds not at all as both he and Saif are aware of each other’s gentleman respect towards women.

The film is slated for release in September this year and the promotional activities have already been started as the shooting is still going on. Kareena is much anxious for the movie and she rates it as her career’s best film.

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