Ash cooks for Abhi to gain control

New Delhi: Some people are wondering how it is that the Bollywood couples ended up being together. In the case of the apparently more than happily married couple Aishwarya Rai Bachchan – Abhishek Bachchan, who are about to celebrate their fourth anniversary today, we cannot help ourselves but stop and wonder how the two came to be an item.

Well, Abhishek revealed this well kept secret until now in an interview. Apparently Ash reached his heart through his stomach. It seems that the old saying does have a bit of (or maybe more) truth in it. In their everyday life, the two have several differences and disagreements. But Aishwarya always knows how to make them fade. She has her secret tactics that involve cooking. She makes Abhi feel weak at his knees. After each quarrel, Ash takes the role of a cook and prepares Abhi his favorite dishes. For example, Ash knows that Abhi is crazy for her home made suji halwa, so Abhi simply has ‘to relent and let her have her way’, as he put is himself.

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