Awards function masala was planned

Mumbai: Akshay Kumar and Shahrukh Khan have interacted on the stage of a recent awards function, where things got a bit too sarcastic. The latter was called “Dadaji”, meaning grandfather. Common sense and good humor were preserved though, and the audience really enjoyed their fun little moment.

This did not come spontaneously, but was all scripted specially for the event. Shah Rukh Khan had told Akshay that his movies started coming out when Akshay was only a child, when Akshay replayed ‘Yes, Dadaji.’

The two have planned this moment for a while before the big event, knowing that the audience will respond positively to this kind of masala.

Another good colleague of his is Akshay’s co star from the successful “Patiala House”, Rishi Kapoor. This film is not the first one the two have done together, Rishi and Akshay having met professionally for the first time with the occasion of “Namastey London”. The two bonded, and Rishi even lost some weight at the advice of Akshay. So far, 3 kilograms have melted down the figure of Rishi Kapoor.

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