Big B says no to Mallika Sherawat

One of the Bollywood icons, Amitabh Bachchan has recently turned down the opportunity of working in the same picture as actress Mallika Sherawat. If one is to believe gossips, it seems that the main reason for his rejection was the fact that the beautiful actress is mostly known thanks to her look as not for her talent or movies. In the Bachchan family the general opinion was to turn down this collaboration.

It seems that even his wife, Jaya Bachchan said to her husband that such association will not be good for him. The main reason for her opinion was the same one as in the case of Amitabh. The fact that Mallika is mostly famous because of her sexy avatar and not for her acting skills seems to be quite disturbing for Big B’s family as well.

It was none other than director Kushan Nandy who made Big B the proposal of working with the actress on the next film, as Mallika said she will accept the part if she will play alongside Bachchan.

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