Bipasha and John are sizzling

Mumbai: The Bollywood actress Bipasha Basu has made quite an statement regarding her and John. A few days ago the tinsel town super star has posted on her account on the social network know as Twitter a comment regarding her much talked relationship with John Abraham. In her opinion, the two make a very ‘smoking hot’ couple.

She wrote that the one who quoted her in the press that she and John are a boring couple was very much mistaken. Bipasha finds that very bizarre, as she never thought that for a minute. She has always considered them to be quite n exciting pair, she also wanted to add.

In a daily newspaper, the famous actress was quoted saying that “we have become a boring couple”. It seems that the reported was not very well informed as these were not the words that came out of Bipasha’s mouth. However this could be argued that it was said in the context that the two, Bipasha and John were not seen very often together at social gatherings.

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