Bipasha Basu: It is great to be single!

New Delhi: Bipasha Basu, the Bong bombshell, has been strongly denying any break-up between herself and John Abraham, with whom she has had a longtime relationship known by everybody. Finally, after a long time during which the actress has been denying her real relationship status, the actress came to admit that she has broken up with her beau.

Bipasha has written in a text message ‘Yes being single is great…’ not only once. Six once the actress wrote about how great it is to be single. The actress sent this message to several of her friends, and one of them slipped out and ended up in the hands of a journalist. Thus, the news came to be known in the entire world.

Bipasha tried hard to get out of this situation, stating that she has lost her phone a couple of days before, and blamed one of her fans of sending weird messages to everyone. Now we are waiting for a word from John Abraham, the other party, but he still keeps his quiet since the separation.

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