Break-up for Ali and Sara

We all remember the big wedding from the nation TV starring Sara Khan and Ali Merchant. Well, it seems the two are not that happy together, and a break up is expected. Rumors have that the two are now living separately. The issues that has separated the two appears the be related to monetary.

As Sara is living at the house in Lockhandwala, Ali has moved to his parents. After Bigg Boss, Sara came to the apartment and found Ali extremely extravagant, and was shocked. Then, she kicked Ali out and called the marriage off.

Sara’s official spokesperson confirmed the rumors, while Ali only admitted that he moved to his parents, not that they have split up. It seems that he is having problems with Sara’s parents, who do not accept him. Ali wants to obtain the approval from Sara’s parents before living together.

It seems that Sara’s parents have had issues with Ali every since they heard the news. Ali Merchant and Sara Khan got married on Bigg Boss, after having been dating for three years.

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