Celebrity date gone bad

Abhijit Sawant and Prajakta Sukre went out at a restaurant Tuesday night. Things did not go as anybody would imagine, as the two started a race. Prajakta lost not only the race, but also control over her car, and thus managed to hit two people on a motorcycle, in Daulat Nagar. The two singers are still in show, especially Prajakta, and are very worried about the two injured.

The singers participated at Indian Idol, where they met each other and later met with fame. The winner of Indian Idol, Abhijit Sawant, was at the wheel of an Audi, while Prajakta was driving her own car, a Honda City. When coming across an empty road, the couple thought a race would make the night more interesting. And it sure did!

The two teenagers who were on the motorcycle are now out of any danger and recovering well. Prajakta was arrested, but did not spend much time in jail, as the bail of Rs 3000 was paid. Abhijit received his punishment from the crowd gathered at the site, who beat him up. Police are still investigating.

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