Crank Calls Upset the Bollywood Fraternity

Mumbai: In this new era of television and films, where Bollywood celebrities are treated as demi gods, fans are always on toes to catch a glimpse of their favourite actors or to have a short but crisp telephonic conversation with their most affectionate stars. This is an endless saga that was almost becoming a legacy. But today, everything has taken a humungous shape. Much to our tinsel town’ surprise, there is an increasing number of crank calls that are being made to irritate the celebrities now. Its not that our celebrities do not like talking and interacting with their fans personally; they do but the level has considerably increased so much that it is testing everyone’s patience. Random phone calls from diverse and remote areas of the country has not only ended up in pestering the celebrities but have also caused harassment to many.

Investigations suggest that a certain website on the Internet supplies contact details of most popular faces of the silver screen. And most of them are surprisingly, accurate! This has in turn helped the general public to get in touch with their stars personally while increasing the stars’ woos even more! While the website listed personal cell phone contact details of country’s popular faces ranging from Malaika Arora Khan to her husband Arbaaz Khan, from Konkona Sen Sharma to Smriti Irani, this has been a nightmare for most of our power packed celebrities.

Speaking on the occasion. Sonali Kulkarni said, “It’s a boiling issue for most of us. I get random calls from different cities from people who just want to chat. Fans did call once in a while but over the last four months or so, the number has gone up drastically. I have missed important calls due to this. I had that number for the last 15 years. But due to these crank calls, I had to change it. I had been trying to find out who had leaked my number.”

For filmmakers, this has posed double the trouble. Aspiring actors and actresses do not hesitate to pipe in a call to film maker directors for work. The recent one who faced the problem is our very loved and happy go lucky producer Vashu Bhagnani. He is troubled by everyone from all over the nation .Budding actors wanting work from him has lead to all other dismays. “When I am in India, I can still see the number. On international roaming, the number doesn’t flash on my phone. These calls come at all odd hours. I can’t change my number either. I’ll lose many important contacts if I do” was what an agitated Bhagnani sir had to say.

The websites that bear the contact details of the B-town inhabitants will necessarily face closure due to breach of privacy which is condemned in the country! While some have obviously switched to a new number, others obviously couldn’t, for all bad reasons. For some the change of number would result in a complete uthaal-puthaal. So they are bearing the pangs of it every moment. We understand your plight!

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