Deepika and Siddharth exposed by English cricketer

Mumbai: As Deepika Padukone and Siddharth continue to say that they are simply friends and not involved in any romantic way, Kevin Pietersen has exposed their relationship. The English cricketer has made this little “mistake” during the world cup match between India and England, played at the Chinnaswamy Stadium, in Bangalore. Obviously, both Siddharth and Deepika were seen cheering the Indian team, together.

The alleged couple had a lunch with the English cricketer, enjoying themselves very much. Kevin was very pleasantly surprised by the hospitality of the two, and once returned to his home, he logged on his Twitter account and posted on how a wonderful time he had with ‘Sidhartha Mallya & his girlfriend Deepika Padukone.’

This did not come as a surprise for anyone in Bollywood or India, especially not for the fans of the actress. It may have been a surprise for Deepika and her beau, Siddharth, considering they always to the best they can to deny any rumor about their relationship.

Let’s see what excuse they come up with now.

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