Deepika jumps all over Siddharth

Mumbai: Deepika Padukone spent what probably was her best birthday ever. She flew all the way to Copenhagen to visit her birthplace and get to know some old acquaintances of her family. She was not alone in her trip, she went accompanied by her father and her boy friend, Siddharth Mallya.

While in Copenhagen, Siddharth threw a lavishing surprise birthday party to celebrate the 25 years Deepika just made. The actress was so overwhelmed by the surprise and the devotion Sid showed towards her, that she could not help herself and hugged and kissed Siddharth in front of her parents.

It is not something common to see someone like Deepika lose herself like that and kiss her boyfriend with such passion in front of her parents. The lovely couple were also seen romancing on the streets of Copenhagen.

It seems that the two do not want to keep their relationship hidden and are not making efforts to restrain in the presence of other people. Deepika is very in love right now, and Siddharth is trying hard to make her happy.

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