Deepika Padukone says no cat fight with Chitrangda over dress

Gossip mills churn out the ripples about the cat fights between the dusky-leggy beauty Deepika Padukone and the steamy Chitrangda Singh. But Deepika has come up clearing the whole dust on the matter saying there is no conflict between both of them at all rather they are on happy terms of friendship.

Padukone added that she had respect for Chitrangda in her heart. Both Deepika and Chitrangda are the co-stars in the upcoming well-in-news movie, ‘Desi Boyz’ starring Akshay Kumar, John Abraham, Deepika Padukone and Chitrangda Singh in the leading roles.

She pointed out that media raised the fake reports about her clash with the actress. She chipped in that all these were bullshits, there was no reality attached to the reports.

The buzz was running in the media that the two leading actresses of Desi Boyz were at loggerheads due to a pink outfit which she both wanted to be clad with. Since there were differences in heights and sizes of both the actresses, the crew was confused who to offer the dress!

A crew member states that Deepika is quite thin and taller than Chitrangda and the two cannot slip into the same dress.

Deepika said that she has read all the gossip reports running all the over media about her cat fights with Chitrangda. Padukone coined them ‘silly’. She uttered that they were not kid rather matured girls and she had a lot of respect for Chitrangda.

She also mentions that she admires her a lot because her husband Jyoti Randhawa is a famous golfer and her younger sister is a golfer as well.

Deepika expresses that during the shooting at one scene she and Chitrangda shared laughs on the set.

Well, guys, these kinds of cat fights are the part of this world of entertainment and you know, women cannot help living fighting with each other whether verbally or physically. And verbal fights are quite common in showbiz abode.

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